Game Stringer (2-Pack)

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the ultimate game stringer. holds your limit of game birds

THE NEXT LEVEL Game Stringer is the very first game stringer capable of holding up to three dozen game birds. You read that right! We’ve all experienced those cold and rainy days, jumping ponds and tagging out. Next thing you know, you’re two miles from the truck and have to carry forty pounds of dead birds. Sure, there are game stringers on the market now that can hold one, two, plus a few but if you're lucky enough to tag out- you're searching for ways to carry your trophies with you. The days of stuffing that prized bird into the (non-existent) space of your waders is OVER! Introducing THE NEXT LEVEL Game Stringer! You can now strut out of the woods proudly with up to your limit of game birds thrown over your shoulder. It's time to take your game bird hunting to THE NEXT LEVEL!


  • Holds more game than you can carry
  • Double Stitched Reinforcement
  • Balance Load for an Easier Carry
  • Adjustable Cords
  • Non-Slip Strap