Bullet Holder (2 Pack)

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THE NEXT LEVEL Bullet Holder is the very first bullet holder that can hold multiple calibers of bullets at once. It's simple to assemble, simple to use, and is guaranteed to keep your ammunition organized and ready to deploy at a moments notice. Gun enthusiasts, hunters, law enforcement agents, and military personnel all know the struggles of loose ammunition and bulky magazines. You either carry way too many rounds or not enough.


  • First and foremost, you need bullets! Nearly any caliber will do!
  • THE NEXT LEVEL Bullet Holder is made up of two parts: the adhesive hook and loop strip and the bullet bands.
  • Simply attach THE NEXT LEVEL Bullet Holder by peeling the backing off the adhesive hook and loop strip and sticking it to any surface you choose, such as: a gun case, gun safe, rifle stock, car visor, back pack, etc.
  • Next, load the bullet bands with your favorite type of ammunition. Nearly every caliber will fit (.9mm, .22, .40, .45, 30-06, 30-30, .308, etc….) except for shotgun shells (.410 will work!) and excessively large rifle rounds (sorry elephant hunters!).
  • Continue this process until you're satisfied- but fair warning- this process is extremely addictive!

    • Includes 2 Bullet Holders
    • Each Holds 6 Bullets
    • Industrial Strength Elastic
    • Adhesive Backed Velcro
    • Ballistic Velcro